Rumundu is a green incubator that facilitates the creation of sustainable projects. It supports companies and public administrations that want to make a change to reduce their environmental impact and, finally, through advanced training courses, it contributes to the growth of conscious leaders who want to contribute to a sustainable change for the planet.

We believe in people and culture as the spark that sets change in motion, because only culture provides individuals with the tools they need to listen to the world. Rumundu Academy organises training courses for schools, universities and companies. Since 2016 we have launched the Social Innovation School to train responsible social entrepreneurs.

We work with companies, foundations and policy makers to develop sustainable projects and support business leaders to develop practical solutions to optimise business models for the benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility.

We believe in people who share ideas and make connections. At the Rumundu Academy we host round tables, workshops and organise events to connect companies, mentors and investors with the aim of creating valuable synergies to support young entrepreneurs and companies, even in the start-up phase.


Rumundu Academy is the first permanent school in the Mediterranean for future innovators. The world needs innovators: girls and boys, future women and men capable of devising projects of value for the territory, with particular attention to the sustainability of the planet.


The beating heart of Rumundu: the people and the projects we have built together with them. The common denominator of all the stories is the belief that another world, far from the consumerist economic model, is possible.


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