The world needs innovators: girls and boys, women and men of the future who can create projects of value for the community and the environment.
Through advanced training courses, we help grow conscious startups and leaders who want to help make a sustainable change for the planet.

We organize training courses full of human and professional skills for your personal growth. Social innovation will be the common thread of this experience that will help you develop a business idea with a positive impact.

Rumundu is a green incubator that facilitates the creation of sustainable projects. We will accompany you in the development of your business idea with high social value and low environmental impact, applying circular economy models.

We believe that people and culture are the spark that drives change.
We make our network available to connect businesses, mentors and investors to create high-value partnerships that support young entrepreneurs.

We can say that today it is not sustainability that needs innovation, but innovation that needs sustainability*, its values and its methodologies in order to achieve significant results in economic and social development. Communication plays a key role in the diffusion of these practices and represents one of the main levers available to companies and organizations to communicate their commitment to respect the environment and the community.
Guided by these assumptions, we will help you communicate your project in a clear and complete way, be it an object, an activity or an idea.

*R. Sobrero, Comunicazione e Sostenibilità, 20 tesi per il futuro, Egea, Milano 2016, p.23


The beating heart of Rumundu: the people and the projects we have built together with them. The common denominator of all the stories is the belief that another world, far from the consumerist economic model, is possible.


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