For millennia, in Sardinia, stories have been told around a hearth… For millennia, in the Foghiles, man has found refuge, socialized, and learned.
One of the Social Innovation School 2017 teams seeks to re-evaluate the “pinnettas” for a new and innovative experiential tourism.

Foghíles was born in the summer of 2018, and in September 2020 will celebrate the beginning of its third year.

Through constant research, reflection and practice on the organic relationship between the human being and his surroundings, Foghíles is a process that promotes and organizes opportunities to meet and experiment in rural space.

“Foghíles” in Sardinian logudorese, means “hearths”. In the past and still today, the meetings around the fire are the occasions for the transmission of knowledge and direct learning of knowledge, through stories and experiences.

Directly related to the territorial context of Semèstene, the meetings aim to reinterpret the places and traditional knowledge, moving “beyond the museification” of rural life and the recovery of collective celebrations. Following the agrarian calendar, the year of Foghíles begins in September, coinciding with the week of the Autumnal Equinox. Other solstices, equinoxes and various punctual events are connected to local practices and the celebration of new conscious rituals, following the seasonal rhythm, and aiming to reactivate other forms of territorial, local and global consciousness.

Through an active and processual approach, involving residents and guests in the realization of the events, young volunteers and participants of different generations become part of a temporary community, in a context where time is marked by the tolling of bells and space is designed by scenarios of learning and conviviality.

The project is curated by the Cultural Association Po.Ps. Rurbana that collaborates with other local and overseas realities during the various meetings, defending a manifesto and respecting the rhythms of the place.