Context Analysis

The 2020 United Nations SDGs report produced by Sdsn Mede and Sdsn that studies the level of progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the 24 Mediterranean countries, highlights high levels of poverty, unemployment, poor schooling, gender inequality, digital divide.

The United Nations launched SDSN Youth, a youth initiative, whose goal is to empower young people globally to create sustainable development solutions.

Rumundu, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030, through the MediterranEU project is committed to train a new ruling class that has the skills and strength to address these issues, with the aim of leading the Mediterranean to a future of economic sustainability and return it to its original role: to be a center of encounter between different peoples, religions and civilizations, where young people from around the world draw their future, strengthen political, economic and social cooperation between peoples and where the economy also becomes an instrument of peace.

Sardinia will become a reference point for social innovation projects in the Mediterranean and will play a key role in creating a bridge between different cultures and encourage young people to be leading actors of change, real changemakers.


MediterranEU aims to make Sardinia the Mediterranean hub dedicated to the development of social innovation projects and incubation and higher education paths, to give birth to startups with high economic and social value and low environmental impact.

International training path

The international training course is addressed to twelve young people coming from areas in conflict (Israel-Palestine, Mali, Nigeria, Serbia-Kosovo, Azerbaijan-Armenia, Colombia, Russia-Chechnya). After living together in the international student house of the association Rondine Cittadella della Pace, and acquiring the tools and skills to prepare and implement a project with international impact, the group faces in the Rumundu Academy a path of advanced training aimed at fostering the birth of projects able to affect the local realities of countries in conflict, triggering a profound social, economic and political change in the Mediterranean.

Local training path

The local training course is aimed at thirty young Sardinians, aged between 16 and 19 years, who for three months, starting from the analysis of the context, are committed to imagining new models of growth of the territory, doing business and talking with a ruling class that knows how to listen to instances, expectations and projects. The working groups focus on: Plastic, Water, Tourism, Sustainable Living, Zero Mile Food.


The project will run from September to June, following a precise timetable of activities.
The activities will be developed both in presence and online on a virtual platform where you can share your ideas, aspirations, needs. A space available to all realities (including non-profits), where members can participate in training events, discuss, identify best practices and identify new opportunities.

Sustainability Factors

Economic Sustainability

The project is implemented in the logic of collaboration and co-financing by all partners.

Socio-cultural sustainability

The training project responds to the needs and priorities expressed in national, EU and international policy documents. The social and cultural sustainability is guaranteed by further contacts with NGOs and local associations that Rumundu and the promoters have built over the years in the areas of origin of the Mediterranean countries.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The activities will be analyzed in a circular manner so as to define and redefine possible corrections in itinere to ensure the highest quality at each stage.


“A new vision of development is germinating on the Island of Ideas.”


“MediterranEU is a tool for imagining the future together.”

Alessandra Todde, Deputy Minister for Economic Development

“MediterranEu actors can contribute to the achievement of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Diana Battaggia, Head at UNIDO ITPO Italy

“We are setting up a good practice, where the global dimension does not make the local one feel limited, but enhances its capacity.”

Franco Vaccari, President, Rondine Cittadella della Pace
Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele-testimonial-rumundu

“The double dimension of the project and the enthusiasm of the young people involved confirm the idea that MediterranEU is a best practice to be disseminated.”

Emmanuele Francesco Maria Emanuele, President, Fondazione Terzo Pilastro Internazionale

“MediterranEU responds to the fundamental requirement of interconnection between the pillars of development, namely environmental, economic and social sustainability.”

Tommaso Murè, Policy Advisor, Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri

“In the 169 targets of the UN 20/30 agenda, the word Youth recurs a lot.”

Giulia Parenti, Youth Delegate of Italy, United Nations
Vesna Buljan-testimonial-rumundu

“Here I developed the idea that the economy is an instrument of peace.”

Vesna Buljan, Founder, My living Story

“A stimulating experience, you grow as a student and as a citizen.”

Iris Cicuttini, Student, MediterranEU (2020-2021)

“MediterranEU provided us with the toolbox.”

Davide Caria, Student, Meditarraneu (2019-2020)

“The fascinating challenge is to take note of what the young generations are communicating.”

Andrea Delogu, President, Fondazione Alghero

“We listen little to young people, but they more than us have the vision of the future.”

Marco Di Gangi, Assessore al Turismo e alla Cultura, Comune di Alghero

“Involvement of young generations is the guiding star of government.”

Alessandra Zedda, Assessore Regionale del Lavoro, Formazione Professionale, Cooperazione e Sicurezza Sociale

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About the conference and projects from the last edition

MediterranEU is in its third edition. In the two previous editions it followed the training of 60 young Sardinian students and 20 young people from countries in conflict.