We strategically support institutions in the development of projects with high economic and social value, and low environmental impact, through interventions based on circular economy models.

We propose ourselves as strategic catalysts within organisations and public administrations that want to undertake a change to encourage projects with a strong economic and social impact. Projects capable of bringing out excellence and promoting social equity. Starting from the analysis of the context we identify the objectives to be achieved using project cycle management tools.

In addition, we host round tables, workshops and organise events to connect companies, mentors and investors and encourage the achievement of specific objectives for the development of territories and communities.

Analysis of needs and opportunities to define development programmes through training courses to foster local development.

Thanks to the use of specific approaches and tools such as Results-Based Management, Logical Framework Approach and Project Cycle Management, we define functional objectives for local development in a sustainable way.

We help to identify useful solutions to solve problems among communities and we design incubation and acceleration paths with the aim of fostering youth employment.

We offer specialist support of tutoring and mentorship programmes aimed at the creation of new companies.

We support public administrations in the development of sustainability paths aimed at communities welfare.

We design pathways for measuring and analysing the environmental impact in order to define a programme that leads to zero emissions and the offsetting of excess CO2.

We can say that today it is not sustainability that needs innovation but it is innovation that needs sustainability*, its values and its methodologies to achieve significant results on economic and social development. Communication plays a key role in the dissemination of these practices and is one of the main levers available to businesses and organisations to communicate their commitment to the environment and the community.
Guided by these assumptions, we will help you to communicate your project in a clear and complete way, whether it is an object, an activity or an idea.

*R. Sobrero, Comunicazione e Sostenibilità, 20 tesi per il futuro, Egea, Milano 2016, p.23


The beating heart of Rumundu are people’s projects we have helped to build. The common denominator of all the stories is the belief that another world, far from the consumerist economic model, is possible.


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