2020 – EUvsVirus Challange

Rumundu is partner of the PAN-EU Hackathon #EUvsVirus Challenge.

EuVsVirus is the European Commission’s initiative proven to be extremely efficient in the fight against this unexpected and revolutionary challenge: the Coronavirus.

EuVsVirus has created 2,164 multidisciplinary and multinational teams with innovative solutions, initiated the development of 2,235 new trans-European partnerships by matching the best 120 teams with over 500 supporting partners from the public and private sectors throughout the month of May.

EuVvsVirus is the largest online event ever organized by the European Commission that aims to develop innovative solutions to challenges related to the fight against the coronavirus.

2500 projects presented by as many multidisciplinary and multinational teams, 500 supporting partners from the public and private sectors, 120 winners selected for their solutions of real impact, well-rounded start-ups ready for market and investment, with truly innovative solutions against COVID-19.

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