Let’s learn to change the world together.

We empower young leaders and organisations to create positive and sustainable social and environmental change through innovative methods and tools.


We design Open Innovation paths and interventions based on circular economy models, to develop projects with high economic and social value and low environmental impact.


We propose ourselves as strategic catalysts within public and private institutions that want to foster the development of paths of sustainability and social innovation for the environment and the community.


We accompany the development of sustainable business ideas and help grow conscious startups and leaders who want to contribute to a sustainable change for the planet.

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Be inspired by some of the projects born in Rumundu.

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“MediterranEU is a tool for imagining the future together”

Alessandra Todde, Deputy Minister for Economic Development

“I have great respect for what you are doing and you can make a significant contribution to achieving the 17 goals of the United Nations.”

Diana Battaggia, Head at UNIDO ITPO Italy

“MediterranEU has been a truly stimulating experience, both for what we have learned in terms of economics, marketing and sustainable development, which has made us grow as students but also as citizens, and for the opportunities that this project has given us.”

Iris Cicuttini, Student, MediterranEU (2020-2021)

“Beautiful people who know how to give visibility to places that have none and with whom it is easy to dream and do. Wonderful.”

Ramona Bavassano, Senior Consultant, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

“Innovative, dynamic and projected into the future with an eye towards young people. I am happy that you are Sardinians and believe in Sardinians.”

Costantina Cossu, Equipe Formativa Territoriale Regione Sardegna, MIUR

“Thank you for what you do. Your projects are important in thinking about a sustainable world.”

Ambrogio , Inhabitant of Sorso, Sardinia

“Great reality, yours, to be taken as a model. Congratulations because you are tireless and constructive.”

Giuliana Belluardo, Studio Scivoletto

“Great initiative. A sustainable renaissance passes through innovation and respect for traditions and territory.”

Marco Bait, Store Manager and Seller

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We will tell you how, in our own small way, we are trying to change the world, together with people and the projects we build with them, with the conviction that a sustainable world, far from the consumerist economic model, is possible.

They write about us

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Download the document for a complete and quick overview of our organization and discover our projects, our values and our initiatives.

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